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MUNKCARE Oral Swabs Flavored Lemon- Elderly Tooth Cleaning Sponges 150 counts

  • Mã sản phẩm: B07B8D76SL
  • (36 nhận xét)
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  • Shipping Weight:11.2 ounces
  • ASIN:B07B8D76SL
772,000 vnđ
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MUNKCARE Oral Swabs Flavored Lemon- Elderly Tooth Cleaning Sponges 150 counts
MUNKCARE Oral Swabs Flavored Lemon- Elderly Tooth Cleaning Sponges 150 counts
772,000 vnđ
Chi tiết sản phẩm

Tính năng sản phẩm

• LATEX FREE MATERIAL: This type of oral swab is composed by soft and latex free sponge with high water absorbent and shaft which is white PP plastic stick
• EASY TEETH CLEANING: The open cell sponge has special ridge-designed that could make the mouth cleaner
• TREATED FOR LEMON FEELING: Oral swabs with lemon-flavored to make your mouth refreshed
• DURABLE: We use the high quality material to joint the sponge and the handle to ensure its durability and for that our handle stick is firm enough that will not be broken easily
• INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Individually wrapped mouth swabs to stay fresh


MUNKCARE Disposable Oral Swabs are perfect for clinic and home use. It’s durable, perfectly sized plastic handle gives way for effortless work specially if being used with babies, kids and the elderly. All products are individually wrapped to make it 100% protected from contamination or infection - it’s also an absolute hassle free storage choice! The soft, multi ridged foam tip is proven to be more effective in cleaning not just your teeth but also your gums and tongue! MUNKCARE mouth swabs are non-abrasive and gentle but gives very satisfactory result with each use! A perfect addition to your oral health routine!





MUNKCARE is a manufacturer, not a trading company. Our products is made in professional workshop and under control of strict quality system



Compare with other oral swabs or regular toothbrush, our advantage is:

1. Reject chemicals, all material is medical grade.

2. Durable, the head do not come off in using.

3. Individually wrapped hospital mouth swabs to avoid pollution

multi usage

Multi usage

1. Oral care for pet

2. Easy use for elderly or patient mouth care & cleaning

3. Soft for baby mouth

4. It could avoid gingival bleeding in mouth cleaning after dental treatment or oral ulcer.

Whether you have difficulty swallowing solid food (dysphagia) or you are bedridden patient or maybe you need extra oral hygiene due to braces and invisalign, Our 100% Non-Abrasive tips with plastic handles are perfect for your oral care. Cleanse and refresh your mouth, teeth and gum with our  MUNKCARE oral swab


Brand Commitment

1. MUNKCARE ensure that all material and process were controlled strictly to ensure the product is health

2. All material is medical grade, MUNKCARE reject all unhealthy material.

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