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Medicinal Plants of the American Southwest (Herbal Medicine of the American Southwest)

  • Mã sản phẩm: 0977133370
  • (80 nhận xét)
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  • Paperback:392 pages
  • Publisher:Lincoln Town Press; Reissue edition (August 1, 2011)
  • ISBN-10 / ISBN-13:0977133370 / 978-0977133376
  • Item Weight:1.15 pounds
  • Shipping Weight:1.1 pounds
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Medicinal Plants of the American Southwest (Herbal Medicine of the American Southwest)
Medicinal Plants of the American Southwest (Herbal Medicine of the American Southwest)
1,015,000 vnđ
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Medicinal Plants of the American Southwest

Discover evidence-based herbal medicine with a regional focus. Learn how to collect, prepare, and utilize 100+ wild plants of the southwestern deserts.


yerba mansa



For the smart enthusiast or practitioner

A regional medicinal guide for readers who understand that therapeutic plant application is a somewhat complicated activity, MPASW illustrates the finer points of the subject. Care has been given to the explanation of how plants interact with physiological parameters, so the reader is left with a more complete understanding of the material.

Scientific/critical thinking is important

If it’s understood that the filter of western scientific thought is an asset to the subject of medicinal plants, then the reader will be happy with this book. In fact, it is precisely this interpretation that makes a positive outcome from the subject’s application more likely.

Research confirmation

The bibliography lists several hundred peer-reviewed scientific journal articles (full-length, not on-line abstracts) that were scrutinized in the writing of this book. These studies were synthesized with the author’s first-hand clinical experience, making MPASW both conceptually and practically accurate.

100+ color photos to assist in identification

The photo segment contains over 100 color photos of profiled plants in their native habitats. Attention has been given to the inclusion of images that are visually appealing and instructive.


prickly poppy


passion flower

Coverage for the southwestern states

The Greater Southwest, low to middle elevation, is primarily covered by this title; specially the desert and chaparral parts of Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas, southern California, southern Nevada, and southern Utah. Readers interested in higher/more northerly regions (Pine, Aspen, and snow in the winter), will be better served by Medicinal Plants of the Western Mountain States.

Preparations, dosages, and cautions

Explained is each plant’s choice preparation/s, and of equal importance, dosage recommendation. Additionally, a dedicated cautions section discusses potential toxicity issues related to pregnancy, nursing, pre-existing illness, and/or co-mingled pharmaceutical use.

Indexes and helpful appendices

Supporting the main text is a therapeutic index (disfunction to medicinal plant cross-reference), glossary of terms, and bibliography. The comprehensive general index references nomenclature, medicinal terminology, phytochemicals, towns, states, and other nouns of interest.

Publication history

First published in 2006, Medicinal Plants of the American Southwest continually expands with new research and additional monographs every 2-4 years. The latest inclusions are Bouvardia, Red betony, and Texas Ranger.

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