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Iceberg Wine Decanter Aerator-100% Hand Blown Lead-Free Crystal Glass,Brand-New Design Elegant Red Wine and Liquor Carafe Set,Crafted Liquor Accessories,Wine Gift for Friends and Family

  • Mã sản phẩm: B07D9CD78W
  • (83 nhận xét)
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  • Product Dimensions:8.3 x 8.3 x 9.05 inches
  • Item Weight:2 pounds
  • Manufacturer:Eisberg
  • ASIN:B07D9CD78W
  • Item model number:8541914194
  • Customer Reviews:4.6 out of 5 stars, 83 ratings
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer:No
  • Date First Available:May 24, 2018
1,848,000 vnđ
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Iceberg Wine Decanter Aerator-100% Hand Blown Lead-Free Crystal Glass,Brand-New Design Elegant Red Wine and Liquor Carafe Set,Crafted Liquor Accessories,Wine Gift for Friends and Family
Iceberg Wine Decanter Aerator-100% Hand Blown Lead-Free Crystal Glass,Brand-New Design Elegant Red Wine and Liquor Carafe Set,Crafted Liquor Accessories,Wine Gift for Friends and Family
1,848,000 vnđ
Chi tiết sản phẩm

Tính năng sản phẩm

• ✔UNIQUE SHAPE-Brand-new design.Iceberg wine decanter is made of 100% lead-free crystal and crafted with a hand-made iceberg bottom,which can great improve aerating efficiency.Completely same as the picture,unlike other “iceberg” decanters with beautiful pictures but only a rough bulges at the bottom in kind.
• ✔100% LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL-FDA improved.This decanter is made of 100% Lead-free crystal,which meets food grade and medical grade.We ensure that every customer can safely enjoy your wine by our decanter.A problematic decanter can harm your health when you drink.Therefore,we strictly control every process and protect the health of every customer.
• ✔EFFICIENT AERATING-Perfect for wine and cheese party.Due to efficient aerating efficiency,you need very little time to wait.The iceberg design ensures great surface area for the wine to breath,and allows maximum oxygenation of the poured wine, perfecting its aroma and flavor.
• ✔ADD AN ARTWORK TO YOUR HOME BAR -The unique design adds an undeniable elegance to your home bar and living room. Using it as a beautiful showpiece or centerpiece on your table is sure to impress your friends and your family.
• ✔PERFECT GIFT-Perfect gift for friends,family and parents on Christmas Day,Anniversary,Mother's Day,Father' Day,Weddings and so on.

Mô tả sản phẩm

Soing sincerely wishes to provide better quality products, better service and better shopping experience to all clients.If you have any issues,please contact with us.

Item Description:
In a design inspired by the snowy peaks of the Alps, this wine decanters aerates your red wines and elevates your tabletop. Decanting wine allows the flavors to develop in seconds, for a brighter bouquet and clearer tasting notes. When you pour your wine into the decanter, the liquid first hits the center "peak" at the bottom, immediately beginning the aeration process as it cascades down the sloping sides. No one will ever know if it's two-buck chuck. Sting Iceberg-Decanter is a uniquely compact and elegant wine decanter that not only can hold a magnum size bottle (1.8 liters!) with ease, it is also the first decanter that you can pour the wine straight into the decanter without tilting the whole piece using it, as the wine will be decanted by pouring down the inner mountain peak in the center by pouring it staring down. After the decantation the decanter can easily be held with one hand from the bottom and easily poured into your glass for your enjoyment looking like a true sommelier. the Iceberg Decanter is hand blown crystal decanter uses a design that'll steal the show at your next dinner party, and noticeably change your pours for the better and still holding a full bottle of vino!While pouring, the wine falls on top of the peak and aerates in a beautiful cascade down the mountain. Holding up to a full standard bottle of wine, the decanter and its glass center peak showcases the inspiration of the Italian Alps for this creation.




Refreshingly Creative And Unique Design

We are committed to building the best products. This wine decanter coagulates the ingenuity and wonderful ideas, and adopts crystal craft. The craftsman is inspired by the snow mountain and creates the exquisite appearance and the mountain bottom. The product integrates the natural style and its modelling is unique. It is more than just a decanter, but also an elegant ornament at home.


Not Only Good-Looking,But Also Practical

At the bottom of the snow mountain shape, crystal technology is used to expand the surface area of the decanter, so that the wine can get enough space to flow and contact with the air, thus fully enhancing the purity, aroma and taste of your favorite wine.

Absolutely Hand-made




Perfect Gift for the Wine Lovers

A decanter is one of the most important wine accessories you can own. And this one is gift-quality gorgeous.We believe that any wine lovers will like this decanter.

Perfect Craft

It uses advanced cold cutting technology, as well as traditional hand-down method. We strictly control every process, and strive to achieve perfection for each product.

Perfect Design

Crystal technology presents the appearance of the iceberg perfectly. Through the refraction of light, the iceberg in the decanter also shows colorful colors, giving you different feelings in different circumstances.

It is also A Perfect Ornament,A Perfect Gift.




Perfect Ornament

The beauty and elegance of crystal glass make this wine decanter a perfect decoration. You will want to show it even if you are not using it.

Perfect Use Experience

The biggest surface area and maximum oxygenation,fully enhances the purity, aroma and taste of your wine.The flat top for easy and elegant pouring, while avoiding spills and drips. And there is an anti-slip layer at the mouth of the bottle, makes the decanter more beautiful and safer to use.

Share with your Family

Excellent addition to any well-stocked bar,it’s as gorgeous as it is durable and functional, and if your home bar does not currently have one, it needs this one!

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